Roman & Greek Antiquities

On this site you will be able to find:
  • Glas Containers
  • Ancient Oil Lamps & Vases
  • Antique Figures

The Roman Kingdom

The roman empire is one of the most wellknown empires in the human history. There has been made a huge amount of books and movies about the empire - and this is not without reason. It dominated 3 continents and lasted for more than 400 years. They invented countless useful things. Aqueducts, modern sewer systems, some of the first medical instruments and a strong infrastructure with roads that could withstand tougher treatment.
Besides this, then their art was exceptional and very beautiful and made of high quality. Some of the art they left behind and that you'll find on this site are:

  • Glass with an incredible iridescence
  • Antique Oil Lamps
  • Ceramic bowls and figures

Ancient Greece

The first thing people in general think about when talking about antiquities from Greece is the amazing black-figure and red-figure vases. But there is so much more than just those vases which you will hopefully discover on this website. With an incredible mythology and artistical ability they have created some of the most amazing, interesting & captivating antique objects. 
Around 2300 b.c. the bronze age arrived to the Aegean. Quickly after the minoan civilisation began. Thereafter the Mycenaean and that's how Ancient Greece started.
Greece is most known for:

  • Vases (Oinochoe, Aryballos, Pyxis, Olpe, Amphora etc.
  • Bronze, Marble & Terracotta Figures
  • Jewellery
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